Caswell-Massey ( @caswellmassey )

11:17 PM Jun 9, 2017
The Alluring, Eccentric & Fascinating Silent Film Star: Alla Nazimova. 💋 As a female pioneer who graced America’s theatrical stage in the 1910s-1920s, Nazimova also lived an equally grand and flamboyant life off-camera. She shined on the film screen through her avant-garde performances in highly stylized costumes using her exaggerated acting technique, despite the use of minimal sets and only the most necessary props for achieving the motion picture she envisioned. Nazimova became confident enough in her abilities to begin producing and writing films in which she also starred. In her film adaptations of works by such notable writers as Oscar Wilde and Ibsen, she developed her own filmmaking methods, which were considered daring at the time. 🌹🥀 Stayed tuned & learn more about Caswell-Massey’s concept behind this extraordinary film legend’s groundbreaking story. You’ve just witnessed a sneak peek for one of our niche fragrances set to be released in the upcoming year. Visit


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