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6:14 PM Oct 31, 2017
Big shout out to this video guy @overtake.media for making this video teaser of the show. See this Full video of the event has been released on you tube video link in bio🖕the video touches all aspects of the show from the beginning to the end and takes you on a journey of some amazing cars and fans. Rix Magazine highly encourages content creators to DM us if they have videos of the event. We will gladly showcase the work with credit. We know from experience that content creators don't get the recognition they deserve. Please let us get your work out there by posting it on here and possibly our website. . We like to give all are sponsors and vendors a big thank you for they support and trust in us and next year will be bigger and better. . We also like to say thank you to all the spectators and cars drivers who came out to support and display they amazing rides and network among others to make this event an epic movie night. We all came together for one commonly goal to bee seen by others and appreciated by industry standards. We hope you was all able to connect with old and new to close out the season with us. Rix magazine definitely will been making next year bigger and better and we thank you for this amazing opportunity to host this event for you we greatly appreciate your support. . SHOW SPONSOR @mannystreetlegalproducts @streetlegalproduct @streetlegaltx ! . Repost Share and Tag! #Recap #rixmagazine #rixmag #rix #streetfesttokyomeet #streetfesttokyo #streetfest #street #fest #streetfest2.0 #carmeet #meet #carshow #show #entertainment #showcars #model #people #event #crowd #night #nightlife #party #rooftop #nightlifeedition2.0 #bigcarshow #lifestyle #streetfest2017 #rooftopparty #tokyomeet Happy Halloween to everyone besafe out there




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  • @royalty_wheels 6:29 PM Oct 31, 2017

    @rix_magazine ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • @overtake.media 6:31 PM Oct 31, 2017

    Thanks @rix_magazine glad to see my hard work is paying off #overtakemedia ⚙️🎥🎬🚘

  • @rix_magazine 6:51 PM Oct 31, 2017

    @overtake.media your welcome and we happy to be building with you guys for next year events.

  • @rix_magazine 6:51 PM Oct 31, 2017

    And thank you for helping make this a epic movie event

  • @jack_driscoll4 6:57 PM Oct 31, 2017

    @achromaticz @drilled.wrx watch the beginning i finally made it in a video!

  • @achromaticz 7:29 PM Oct 31, 2017

    @jack_driscoll4 that a fun show even tho if we had to wait extra two hours for awards

  • @rix_magazine 9:12 PM Oct 31, 2017

    @achromaticz we like to apologize for the one issue we had at the shoe yes it was was great even thought we try are best but the overwhelming cars and spectators that show up to support rixmagazine was amazing. The company we hired was responsible for the judging and was not able to cover that many cars and we understand the situation but next year we only let car that are registered for the event in the building we was to open to let everyone one to enjoy the show but for next year will be amazing and crazy with better judges and staff members we are looking forward to seeing everyone again thank you for your time.

  • @oe_z34 9:38 PM Oct 31, 2017

    Yesss🙌🙌🙌 @overtake.media @rix_magazine

  • @rix_magazine 12:06 AM Nov 1, 2017

    @oe_z34 your welcome brother they have a good eye on cars and need to have you in the video looking like a rock star again thank you for helping us making this a movie next year events is going to be more crazy

  • @taino_photography 6:45 PM Nov 5, 2017

    Do all Z owners put "Send Nudes" on their cars? Lol.... @rayo_z33

  • @oe_z34 3:51 AM Nov 12, 2017

    @rix_magazine how can I get this video

  • @rix_magazine 8:16 PM Nov 12, 2017

    @oe_z34 sure let me touch base with Rico and see what he's says just have to make sure your credit the staff