Sick little Jacky Jack. 💔 Then we go throw mega diaper rash in the mix? 😩😵😭 his poor bum. It’s baaad guys + we can’t seem to kick it. I’m guessing his molars have something to do with it 😑 but who even knows. Please send magic fairy dust, diaper rash remedies, or a genie in a bottle our way ASAP. 🙏🏻



  • @makenziehawk 3:37 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Ging, I swear by mixing Vaseline and maalox. It’s kinda runny but mix it up slab it on (can’t really wipe it.. if that makes sense?). My oldest got CDIFF at 15 months and this is the only thing that seemed to help.

  • @lularoechrishelmarie 3:56 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Pink cream made specially at Spences in Logan have Kylee or your mom go get some

  • @tiffinijewel 4:10 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Breast milk, if you’re nursing!

  • @salina_p 4:18 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Girl, cornstarch. Wash his booty with only your hand and water, pat dry, and sprinkle on some cornstarch. Works wonders, and is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  • @phillips19841 4:33 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Motherlove nipple balm. Yes I know it’s not sold for diaper rash but it works!!! It’s calendula and marshmallow root plus it’s all natural! No chemicals

  • @devinswick 4:57 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Honestly, the only thing that helped my kids' diaper rash was just staying close to home and letting it have as much fresh air as possible. Lots of naked bum time! 🙈 Hope he feels better!

  • @elishaskrivan 5:22 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Coconut oil was the BEST for my son!! 💙

  • @hannah_reynolds13 5:28 AM Oct 24, 2017

    I just saw this on my search and clearly you got plenty of responses but my daughter went through the same thing getting her molars and her doctor swore it wasn't teething related but we knew. She was even bleeding. We let her air out before bedtime and super lathered her up with desitin and it eventually got better.

  • @eliseknowles 5:58 AM Oct 24, 2017

    When they get hit they get hit hard don’t they. Poor Jack. I found thick zinc has always helped my babies bums 👊🏻

  • @kimandtyler 6:40 AM Oct 24, 2017

    Cutest hat ever! Where is it from? You’re rocking it! 😍

  • @marce.lla 12:24 PM Oct 24, 2017

    @lexiesandberg OMG yes! It is MAGIC ✨

  • 2:05 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Get the Weleda diaper rash cream and try using seventh generation diapers because they don’t have bleach or glues that will make the rash worse. One of my kids had the WORST diaper rash as a baby and the pediatrician told us the bleach in diapers was making the rashes more irritated so we switched to unbleached diapers for a while. There’s also a thick pink cream you can get from behind the pharmacy counter that will make a good barrier on his skin so it can heal. Wish I remembered the name of it!

  • 2:19 PM Oct 24, 2017

    I think the pink cream is called calmoseptine

  • @brittanyfleckhair 3:49 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Somthing about the brand "butt paste" worked wonders for my littles. I tried everything and nothing worked as well. And I had a kid that pooped 15-20 times a day and he was not a new born🤣

  • @kenzchase 5:42 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Girl! @erro_naturals has an all Naturals booty wash for babies that is soooo wonderful for diaper rashes!!!

  • @mbone_2 5:57 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Jack looks so grown up!! Oh my goodness! Bathing and leaving the diaper off for a little bit so his sores dry out without keeping the moisture in the diaper helps them to heal❤️

  • @pascal__bertram 6:00 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Hey - das Bild finde ich total gut 🤗! Weiter so! 👍🏼

  • @melissaivie 6:16 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Always swore by Triple Paste! It was the only thing that ever worked for us.

  • @ashleyphinneybrown 7:54 PM Oct 24, 2017

    @gparrish RESINOL- it's ooooolllllddd school but works like a charm. + it's medicated to help with pain. I can only find it at a local pharmacy but I think it's on amazon

  • @essentiallyglad 9:21 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Sent you a dm

  • @lou.look 9:45 PM Oct 24, 2017

    Preciosa imagen!&

  • @_thelittlewife 11:21 PM Oct 24, 2017

    All natural wipes that have no scent or alcohol, a&d ointment not there cream and naked time!!

  • @nyyankeesgrl3 12:42 AM Oct 25, 2017

    Try Aquaphor Baby Diaper Rash cream! 🙂

  • @nyyankeesgrl3 12:45 AM Oct 25, 2017

    @lindswesto try Aquaphor diaper rash cream!

  • @katiyoung 5:37 AM Oct 25, 2017

    Cold cream + mentholatum it's been passed down for 3 generations in my husband's family and works magic!

  • @art_by_tinarene 1:07 PM Oct 25, 2017


  • @annetteshively 3:16 AM Oct 26, 2017

    @ashleyphinneybrown yes! I totally agree! This is the best stuff! I’m a momma to three boys and this stuff was my tried and true paste for diaper rash! @Walgreens -over the counter!

  • @studyingmama 12:23 PM Oct 26, 2017

    Poor little babe! Hope he is feeling better very soon. Hang in there mummy ✨

  • @amandaclarkphoto 8:36 PM Oct 26, 2017

    @gparrish, I don’t know if anyone has commented this or you’ve tried it, but let it air out for as long as you trust him to be free!😂 we did this in the NICU for babies that had horrible diaper rash. I know two pharmacies in Logan that make their own diaper rash concoctions that worked wonders when our babies little bum was bleeding to death from rawness + they worked wonders! I wish I knew of pharmacies closer to your neck of the woods! You could also try good ol’ fashioned corn starch and water! Mix it till it forms a thick paste and put that on there as well! I’m not sure if either of those were helpful, but I feel your pain + desperation to help them feel better!

  • @amandaclarkphoto 8:39 PM Oct 26, 2017

    @gparrish sorry about the worked wonders double!

  • @melisworthen 3:37 PM Oct 27, 2017

    I just got through a week of this with my baby and aft r trying a million things, this is the concoction that worked the best... Vaseline, a&d and neosporin all mixed together. More Vaseline than anything but just eye it. It finally cleared him up in a day after a long long week! Good luck!

  • @hannahbutters 3:07 AM Oct 28, 2017

    My pediatrician told me this before he retired:Clean bum, dry super well then put Liquid cherry antacid, dry super well again and top with diaper cream. I swear nothing works better!

  • @emilyannrothphotography 12:28 AM Oct 29, 2017

    Vaseline does the trick!

  • @ericamillerphotography 2:25 AM Oct 29, 2017

    The weleda calendula bum cream. Oh man the best! Or break open vitamin e caplets and put the oil right on his bum. Also amazing.

  • @honeyandhide 5:08 AM Nov 1, 2017

    @gparrish try using athletes foot cream; if it's a rash that can't be cured with desitin or Vaseline then it's probably a yeast infection (no normal rash cream will work on yeast). My boys get red bumpy rashes from yeast all the time in their bums and athletes foot cream is basically yeast treatment and works wonders. ❤️

  • @lmheiner 9:24 PM Nov 3, 2017

    @gparrish I am still dying for the deets on this hat. Is it @gigipip?

  • @breannapaige1 10:06 PM Nov 10, 2017


  • @katmkiss 11:22 PM Nov 10, 2017

    Love your hat collection!! 👌 #fellowhatlover

  • @penandpost 3:38 AM Nov 14, 2017

    These colors are so pretty!

  • @shannypants 6:50 PM Nov 16, 2017

    Hi! Who is your hat by?