November 22, 2017 Wednesday 🌞9:00 早朝営業 コラーゲン20分でプルプル、ツヤツヤ😊 #コラーゲン #collagen #美肌 #若返り #御茶ノ水 #神保町 #日焼け #日焼けサロン #コラーゲンマシン #プラセンタ Collagen Machine Attention! Foreigner Tourists!!!! We have Free WiFi in the salon and lobby area. NEW Collagen Machine!! The first skin rejuvenation treatment for total body by diffused light plus Beauty vibro plate... Slimming treatment. Not invasive 100% safe Tested and guaranteed -20% Wrinkle volume Everyday we lose collagen in our skin due to day to day pollution. People associate Collagen as an injection but when you think about it, all the things that dramatically change our skin are through penetration of a light source ie: sun tanning (indoor and outdoor), X-rays or infra red. It will cost customers on their first visit 2000yen for up to a 30-minute session. Cost of gel: 500yen Total cost with gel: 2500yen The special tanning course set is 6000yen for three, 30-minute sessions. Regular price will cost 3000yen for a 30-minute session, saving 1000yen for the special set. Our Services 15min Male2000yen/Female1800yen 20min Male2500yen/Female2000yen 30min Male3000yen/Female2500yen (Cost of gel 500yen) Open Tue-Sat 11:00-20:30 Sun11:00-18:00 Every Monday holiday. This salon is appointment only. 📱090-6130-1110 Access by subway: Exit A5 of the Jimbocho subway station. Turn left and follow the street until you reach McDonald's. Directly across, you will see a bank called, "Mitsui,sumitomo". To the right of the bank, you will see a street with a slope. Take that street until you find our neon sign. We are on the 3rd floor. If you are having trouble finding us, please contact us from the McDonald's. We will send someone to pick you up. Access by JR: Exit the "Ochanomizu Hashi-guchi" exit of JR Ochanomizu Station. Cross the intersection and turn left. Walk 3 to 4 minutes until you reach a Hanamaru Udon. Turn right, we are in the 3rd building on the 3rd floor of Hibi Building. Access by taxi: Please contact us and hand your phone to the driver of the taxi. We will inform the driver of our location. #tanning #collagen #beauty #beautiful #beautifulgirl #tan #tanline #nikon #gopro #go #都営三田線 #都営新宿線 #半蔵門線 #小顔 #朝活 #ゴープロのある生活 #ゴープロ


コラーゲン&日焼けサロンCelebrity Uv・zone 御茶ノ水・神保町店



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